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Healthcare Ways healthcare organizations are using vast scale to drive innovation and change

'Transformation' is one of those words that sometimes gets used a bit, well, aspirationally. ;> But healthcare organizations really are disrupting business as usual thinking to embrace consumerism, new technology and emerging medical knowledge. Last week my colleague Jake DiMare asked for some insights on how successful teams are doing this.


Here's the quick three count:

  1. Engage the inventive spirit across the enterprise -- encouraging researchers and makers to build and share in as decentralized a way as the organization can allow.
  2. Provide a business and testing framework that allows these distributed efforts to connect to the enterprise for recognition, resources and reward.
  3. Balance speedy tests and smart growth. Agile testing has a stronger bias toward action than laying the foundation for industry changing growth. There is often a strategic pause between speedy sprints, and the marathon of scaling to add platforms, people and process to gain the executional stability (and manageability) that growth requires.

If you'd like to dig-in to specifics, I've written about lessons from Penn Medicine over here:

And there's an example of invention at scale taking place in China:

If your healthcare system is considering transformational change and you’ve got questions, we’ve got more answers. Please feel free to connect with us for a no cost, no commitment consultation. We’d love to know more about the journey your team is on.


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