Office desks in front of a window

Thanksgiving What are we thankful for this year? Our new office!

As the end of 2018 winds to a close and Thanksgiving officially begins the holiday season, we at the Connective DX Boston office have been reflecting on what a momentous year it has been. There is much to be thankful for—including partnerships with several new clients and the addition of five staff members—but one major noticeable change has been our relocation to a new space this past June. Here are a few specific reasons we are thankful for our new home at 280 Summer Street.

More space

When we moved, we instantly doubled the amount of office space. This was welcome since, throughout 2018, we had added new staff members, and will continue to do so. I joined the team a month before we switched offices and I remember that a colleague of mine, who joined the same day, sat at a temporary desk in the corner for a few weeks until the move! Though our former office served us well for six years, our new office reflects our growing company and allows for more wiggle room.

More light

Due to several large windows in the area where most of our employees sit, as well as the fact that our office faces the street, we enjoy more natural light during most hours of the workday—even though it’s been getting dark earlier. And it’s not just the employees who have benefitted from the additional sunshine—our many plants have as well!

More conference rooms

In our last office, our conference rooms were named after Boston landmarks: Orpheum, Paradise, Paramount, and Boston Garden. We have continued this tradition in our new space. In addition, we have two more rooms than our old office did: Fenway Park and Berklee, which serves as our wellness room. Berklee includes a couch and mini fridge and will be used for primarily for meditation, a quiet space for nursing mothers to pump, or just a place to rest for a few moments during a busy workday.

Think Tank

More collaborative areas

In addition to more room for desks, we made sure that we carved out a few areas dedicated to informal collaboration. A small area in the middle of our office, set apart by a divider and a whiteboard and titled “Think Tank,” serves as space where coworkers can spontaneously get together to brainstorm without the need to reserve a conference room. In addition, an open area filled with couches, lounge chairs, and softer lighting, called “Harvard Yard,” can be used either for employee collaboration or as a relaxing change of scenery for solo work.

Harvard Yard

Standing desks

Our Jarvis electric standing desks, which we inherited as part of our lease, have been a huge hit. Standing at regular intervals throughout the day is recommended for most people who work at desks, and this wasn’t an option at our last office, where we had stationary desks. We now have more ergonomically-friendly options for our employees, which many have taken advantage of.

The Kitchen

A bigger, more open kitchen

Our new kitchen overlooks the main desk area. It is divided by a counter with stools and topped by a basket of fresh fruit and our Sonos speaker, which occasionally plays soothing music. We also have more cabinets, a larger pantry for perishables and paper goods, and more countertop space for our water machine, Keurig, toaster, and microwave. When you’re able to prepare nourishing food, you’re able to do your best work.

More counter space in the bathrooms for toiletries

Mouthwash, floss picks, and hand lotion might not seem like a big deal, but it’s small comforts like these that help us to be our best selves (especially when we’re about to meet with a client!).

The dishwasher

Though we had a dishwasher at our old office, the new one was met with cheers because we went three months without one! When we arrived in June, there was no dishwasher in the kitchen, and we were still in the process of selecting the right one and putting plans in place for its installation (side note: I served as a point person on this project, and I had no idea there were so many details involved in selecting a dishwasher, including environmental friendliness, ADA compliance, and of course selecting the right size for the space we carved out). We ended up finding the perfect fit, and office life has been easier for all of us since then, for which we are definitely thankful.

The Greenway

The Greenway

Having an open gathering space in the center of our office was at the top of our wishlist when shopping around for a new place, and the one we received did not disappoint. Continuing with our theme of Boston landmarks, our open area is titled “The Greenway,” and hosts our monthly meetups and quarterly All Staff meetings.

The same commute!

Moving offices is exciting, but not at the expense of having to change up our routines. We are grateful that we found such a perfect workspace so close to our former office—literally, only two doors down! We were able to get the feeling of “new” while still feeling at home.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our clients, partners, and friends near and far. We hope that as the holiday season approaches and 2019 draws near, you all have much to be thankful about as well!

Oh, and stop by anytime. We'd love to have you.