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Technology Six can't miss sessions at SUGCON 2018

SUGCON Europe is a community driven conference organized by Sitecore users for Sitecore users. It will be packed with the latest insights and advice from some of the most experienced, skillful Sitecore experts in the world including two from Connective DX. Two of our Sitecore MVPs Pete Navarra, director of technical strategy, and Ben Lipson, senior software engineer, will be presenting at SUGCON this year so we asked them to share the sessions they are most excited to attend and to give us a sneak peek at their sessions.

Using Commerce 9, SXA, xConnect and IoT to drive a Powerful "Sitecoreland" Experience
Monday, April 23 at 1:35pm

In our talk, we will have a fictional theme park called Sitecoreland. We will use SXA and Commerce 9 to build a site to purchase entry tickets, “fast passes” for rides (to skip long lines), etc… Then, we’ll have RFID chips or wrist bands that are scanned when we enter the park, get on a ride, etc… Those wrist bands will communicate with xDB through Azure IoT hubs to xConnect to update usage history. When you have used your last ticket or fast pass, Sitecore will enroll you in a Marketing Automation plan that will send an SMS notification to your phone with a link to purchase more tickets using the mobile-friendly Commerce 9 site. We will also track whether or not you’re in a line that, based on machine learning, typically takes a long time. If so, we can send you an offer to purchase a fast-pass to skip the line. Also, based on ride history, if you typically like the thrill rides, we can offer you a bundle of passes for the most popular thrill rides. So many opportunities to enhance your Sitecoreland Experience in powerful ways!

I'm excited to see xConnect and IOT in action together with Sitecore Commerce and SXA being presented by Jason Wilkerson and Richard Seal on Day 1. It’s a unique session and I think it will really help to drive the Sitecore experience forward. -Pete

Uber-modern APIs for Sitecore
Monday, April 23 at 2:40

A futuristic look at how new modern API technology provided by Sitecore can be used to create advanced user and developer experiences for your customer and business apps.

Kam Figy will be taking the main stage kicking off SUGCON with a talk about the new APIs that Sitecore is providing. The Sitecore API is the most powerful part of Sitecore for developers. If you haven’t been to a Kam talk you’re missing out. Join me in seeing what the modern Sitecore API has in store for us. -Ben

Continuous delivery on Microsoft Azure using Visual Studio Team Services
Monday, April 23 at 2:40pm

Come learn how to enable a continuous delivery pipeline on a spectrum of Azure Services: App Service, Container Service and more. See how it’s really easy to get started with a simple CD pipeline that can grow to handle your most demanding needs and how VSTS can help.

Ralph Waldenmaier will be walking us through deploying a CD on Azure using VSTS. As a long time user of Jenkins, I’ve only recently started getting into VSTS and fell in love with the way it can really drive the process from local environments to production. I’m looking forward to seeing how others in the field have configured their processes with this tool. -Ben

XP Services - Scale up and Scale out
Monday, April 23 at 4:50pm

With the introduction of the new XP Services layers, including xConnect, there is confusion on how to scale Sitecore 9. This session looks at the options available and considerations for scaling.

With everyone focusing on a move to Azure, Jason St. Cyr's panel on how to scale Azure up and out is also really compelling and I wouldn’t miss it! -Pete

EXM Live! The Magic of Email Automation
Tuesday, April 24 at 9:40am
*Pete’s session*

An introduction to Email Experience Manager in Sitecore 9.0.1 and leveraging the power of the Marketing Automation engine in order to funnel contacts through a series of emails, adding them to lists, and increasing value to the overall experience. This session will include a live interactive demonstration of an email campaign with audience members. We’ll also look under the covers for a technical exploration at scaling Email Experience Manager in order to send millions of emails.

On day 2, I'm excited to announce my own panel where I bring EXM alive with an adventurous demonstration of Email Experience Manager including full audience participation during the demo. I might not have an opportunity to get too technical, so it's included as part of the Strategy track of SUGCON. -Pete

Leprechauns, Rainbows, and Synthesis (Oh my!)
Monday, April 23 at 1:45pm
*Ben’s session*

Leprechaun is the ultimate tool for the future of Sitecore code generation. Using the power of Roslyn codegen, I’ll show how Leprechaun can create custom models for your solution. Leprechaun is compatible with Synthesis, Glass, Fortis, and more. Model file merge conflicts and accidentally forgetting to update models are a thing of the past with the magic of Leprechaun!

On day 2, I’ll be taking the stage to discuss the latest and greatest code generation tool to ever live – with an epic and magical name to boot! Leprechaun will be making its debut on stage where I show off what it can do and why you absolutely need to use it right now! -Ben

Bonus pick!

Pete will be moderating a round table discussion for the podcast "Catching Exceptions" for the third time. Last year he moderated an episode while at SUGCON in Amsterdam, as well as an episode at Sitecore Symposium last October. This installment, will feature Jason Wilkerson, Richard Seal, and Rob Habraken talking about the futuristic possibilities of Sitecore and the role that can be played when people start talking about the Internet of Things.

Both Pete and Ben are looking forward to another amazing SUGCON and the chance to connect with the Sitecore community. They’d love to connect personally with anyone interested in learning more about Sitecore or their sessions specifically so please feel free to connect with them on Twitter at @SitecoreHacker or @bllipson. See you at SUGCON!

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