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Posted on: October 3, 2017

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We at Connective DX are lucky to work with a very diverse set of clients, each with unique needs, opportunities and challenges. None more so, maybe, than utilities. Increasing disruptions in the industry are forcing many to prioritize their customer experience (CX) investments to ensure they stay competitive, deliver great service and build long term relationships with their customers. It’s a trend evolving nationally.

The 14th PwC Power & Utilities survey identified five “megatrends” disrupting the utilities market:

  1. Climate change and resources scarcity
  2. Rapid urbanization
  3. Shifting economics, from centralized to distributed systems
  4. Demographic and social change
  5. Technological breakthroughs

All of these megatrends–except maybe climate change–are largely a result of changing customer behaviors, expectations or options. Modern utilities must become “customer-obsessed” (to paraphrase Forrester Research) if they are to survive and grow. They all pose challenges, but also opportunities for savvy utilities, the greatest perhaps being technological breakthroughs. And we can learn a thing or two from the disruptors among us. For example, in about a year’s time Tesla went from a curiosity in the energy vertical with talk of batteries attached to homes, to developing distributed energy products that are up and running.

tesla energy farm

What this means is: Change is not coming, it’s here.

Embrace the change

Forrester’s Customer Experience Index report for US brands shows there’s a CX leadership gap—regardless of vertical. Our experience working with utilities has uncovered great opportunities to get out in front of this and establish themselves as not just service providers, but as valued resources for their customers; and that is where savvy organizations can remain competitive.

Remember the three digital truths:
Connection is everything — Companies that are loved, win — It’s time to own your digital future

Change is happening and it’s not going away. Disruptors are digital natives; the focus on CX is in their DNA and customers are responding with increased expectations for everyone they interact with. This is why it’s vital to provide consistent, high-value engagements with your customers. It’s time to transform your online experience, but where to start?

  1. Establish a north star, a vision to guide decisions
  2. Understand your customers’ journeys and needs
  3. Prioritize initiatives; from technology investments to content creation–test and learn as you go!

The Digital Capabilities Assessment: Focus your efforts where they’ll get the biggest return

All organizations only have so much time and so many resources. It’s important to focus on where you’ll have the greatest impact and we can help identify where those opportunities are with our Digital Capabilities Assessment.

The assessment isn’t a quick, one-page survey, but an in-depth series of questions that get at the reality of your organizational maturity for creating and maintaining customer-first digital experiences. Focusing on seven areas of exploration, the Assessment will challenge you to really consider how you approach your digital channels and at its conclusion provide our recommended areas for deeper exploration and enhancement.

Take the Assessment now and then let’s talk about where we can work together to transform your digital experience.

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