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Delightful and sustainable online experiences are not easy to deliver. Typically it’s not from a lack of creative ideas or effort, it’s because most businesses aren’t built to align around the key moments of customer engagement. The departments, processes and technologies that support these experiences were built to serve the needs of the organization–not the customer. There are plenty of good reasons why things are the way they are, but the result is that departments and teams are sometimes defined as much by what divides them as the common purpose they serve. Because of these silos and the complexity of the systems we rely upon, very often the best efforts of the business result in disjointed and disappointing experiences for customers.

Many companies are suffering from a lack of organization alignment and technical enablement necessary to craft connected customer experiences. One way to ensure a purposeful, sustainable and delightful experience for your customers is to develop a Digital Experience (DX) Strategy. A DX Strategy defines the purpose, value and principles that guide decision-making in the complex, interconnected digital space. Unlike a marketing strategy or a technology strategy, the DX Strategy connects your business strategy and brand with the hard realities of customer expectations, operational capability and your technology platform.

At the highest level, your DX Strategy aligns three critical components of the experience:

  • Strategy: the business strategy and its expression through your brand
  • Story: your brand’s role in your customer’s lives–from their perspective
  • System: how you structure the experience and its supporting platform

Ultimately, you are looking to balance these three elements in a way that allows you to identify and define the overlap between what your business wants and what your customers need, in a unique way. This space can be defined by bringing the right stakeholders together along with customer data and insights. This team works to map and understand the relationships between brand, customer and platform so you can see where to focus in terms of activities, services and value. This gives you the clarity you need to get to work building out the key tools that will help you define and express your DX Strategy across your organization.

Many companies are realizing the value of having a consistent and accepted customer-centric lens to guide ideation and decision-making. When understood and applied, it becomes more than a way to execute, it unites the organization and becomes a foundation for better business.

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