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    How top hospitals win in the age of the empowered patient

    In the age of the empowered patient, hospital websites are more important than ever. See how top hospitals are delivering better digital experiences before, during and after patients walk through the front door. ​

    February 23, 2017

  • Doctor talking to patient in a hospital

    Moments of truth: designing for real-life patient experiences

    When creating patient experiences, healthcare leaders and designers should test their assumptions with real patients and ground their understanding with the entire spectrum of experiences—including worst case scenarios.

    November 3, 2016

  • How top health systems drive digital experience innovation

    How top health systems drive digital experience innovation

    In the age of the empowered patient, top health systems are changing the way they engage with patients and innovating healthcare digital experience. See how leaders from Forrester Research, Johns Hopkins Medicine and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts are driving digital change.

    April 20, 2016

  • Hospital researchers mine Twitter for patient experience clues

    Hospital researchers mine Twitter for patient experience clues

    Researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital pioneered the use of social data mining for health-related insights. Now, they’re using sentiment analysis on Twitter to complement more traditional patient experience research.

    February 10, 2016

  • Healthcare.gov website

    Regulating change: healthcare policy trends spur innovation

    From mega-mergers to website usability, federal healthcare policy trends continue to trigger innovation. Connective DX Digital Strategy Practice Lead Dave Wieneke looks at four healthcare policy trends to track in 2016.

    January 15, 2016

  • Connective Thinking Ted Med stage image square

    TEDMED 2015: Challenging the status quo with a human touch

    2015 U.S. healthcare spending will top three trillion dollars. The industry is ripe for innovation, but the scope of the problems can be daunting. TEDMED 2015 took on these big issues by bringing together experts from around the world to inspire and expose the global health community to new ideas.

    December 11, 2015

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