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Project Description

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  • Experience Design
  • CMS Implementation & Integration


  • Medicare or PDP enrollment up 15%
  • Enrollment in My Priority up 420%


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Providing access to high-quality, affordable healthcare and a positive member experience have been at the heart of the Priority Health mission since 1985, when a group of physicians and hospitals founded the nonprofit health plan to improve the health of communities they serve. Today, the Michigan-based plan ranks as an industry leader in providing progressive products and services. And it’s the first in the state to earn wellness accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).But Priority Health also wanted members to enjoy a positive experience when they visited the Priority Health website—and make it easier for non-members to join. They engaged Connective DX to create a digital experience that lives up to the same high standards.

“You helped us apply a new user experience and got us onto Sitecore 8.0, which was a huge goal that helps us with our plans for CRM (Salesforce).”


Marketing Technology and Brand Strategist

Unify the member experience

With more patient interactions happening online (often, as a first point of contact), healthcare and insurance providers need to ensure that their digital experience meets the expectations of customers, who increasingly have more options when those expectations aren’t met.

Priority Health recognized that their website served as an extension of their brand experience and, as such, needed to be consistent with the high level of service members and prospects received offline.

Focus on member engagement

Improving the digital experience fits into a larger Priority Health initiative to deliver great customer experiences and achieve world-class performance by transforming the way the organization engages and serves its customers. To support that goal, we focused the work around three pillars that informed the experience Priority Health wanted to convey:

Priority pillars

These experience pillars guided the UX, content, creative and technical decisions throughout the engagement. And they continue to provide the foundation for maintaining and optimizing the site.

To succeed, the website needed clearly focused content that supports customer needs and an intuitive user experience that helps people complete tasks. It also requires a technology platform that can support the growing digital ecosystem, as well as internal processes to keep it all going.

Everything ties back to encouraging more visitors to first become members and then stay engaged in their ongoing healthcare. Rather than focusing primarily on existing members, Priority Health wanted to increase the rate at which PriorityHealth.com users convert to members. This meant creating a more relevant experience for those who were not yet members—and providing a clear path to join.

Priority’s self-service transaction channels included registration for individuals and families (MyPriority) and various Medicare-related insurance products.

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Healthcare is a unique industry in that the customer is often actually a patient, or someone responsible for making decisions on a patient’s behalf. So while attrition is a very real business concern, it has different factors and measures than those in other industries.One metric for measuring the attrition rate is how engaged the user is in their ongoing healthcare. Like many healthcare plans, Priority Health employs a portal where users can log in and make appointments, review test results, and communicate with their caregivers. And enrollment in the My Priority portal has increased by triple digits.With a solid foundation for the experience and real numbers to back it up, Priority Health is positioned to continue providing progressive healthcare solutions, supported by a user-centric website. Their new Sitecore CMS gives them power and flexibility to adapt to the changing landscape and new member needs—all of which allows them to fulfill their mission to improve the health of the communities they serve.

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