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Project Description

KinderCare logo


  • Insights & Optimization
  • Content Strategy & Copywriting
  • CMS Implementation


  • 62% lift in Goal Value per Session for targeted profile on first page
  • 246% lift in Goal Value per Session for targeted profile on second page


  • Sitecore
  • Google Analytics Premium


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Delivering an experience that aligns business goals with the needs of your customer requires expertise in research, data, and a variety of technical tools. Connective DX brought together the best of all our teams to help KinderCare Education better understand the behavior and intent of their customers. The result is a personalized experience that enables KinderCare to learn more about the needs of their customer while increasing conversions.

We know what’s good for your customers is good for your business. So we started by understanding what drives the families that visit KinderCare.com.

Customer-centric Approach

Personalized content delivery will match tasks and information, profiles, and behavior based on what we observe (website behavior), what we know (account data), and what we predict (models from customer analysis).

Our approach starts by leveraging existing personas, and by bringing KinderCare Education marketers and parents together to identify the different mindsets that may be driving visits. Depending on the stage of the user journey a visitor may be looking for general information or may be very task-focused.

Working together we identified five mindsets and key questions. This qualitative direction was quickly validated through a survey that allowed us to develop statistical correlations between how parents self-identified against these mindsets and content by subject.

Each mindset was matched up with a key user need and task. This is the starting point of a personalized customer journey. To validate our hypothesis that our customers would have a higher rate of success of their journey was personalized, we tested it with a  pilot experience.

Kindercare Personalization Strategy

Kindercare Know Observe Predict model

Validating the hypothesis with a pilot

With personas, mindsets and content aligned it was time to see how a personalized experience would increase performance and conversion. We integrated Sitecore data with Google Analytics Premium and Optimizely to make Sitecore events available as metrics in the existing data and testing platforms, and make the patterns available for targeting and segmenting.

We started small with the first A/B tests focused on personalized CTAs targeting different segments. Through the pilot we saw that there was measurable opportunity in our strategy, and were ready to expand experimentation to a larger audience. The next two experiments focused on two pages that are in nearly every user session and have a strong correlation between page engagement and downstream conversion:

Experiment 1: Our Approach to Education

For “Our Approach to Education” we were trying to impact the “High Touch” audience, and focused more on proof-points and data surrounding the specifics of the curriculum and approach, rather than more generic brand value and competitive advantage messaging.

  • Conversion Rate Increased 86%
  • Per Session Value Increased 246%
Kindercare Compare

Experiment 2: Our Teachers

The “Our Teachers” page was targeted to speak more directly to the “Good Parenting” audience, and so content was focused more on the family unit and how to best support your child in the KinderCare environment, rather than on KinderCare teachers and their credentials.


  • Conversion Rate Increased 55%
  • Per Session Value Increased 62%
Comparison of KCE chat window

Proven Results

The results showed we were able to impact our targeted segments. In both cases, we drove meaningful improvements in both conversion rates and per session values.

With our hypothesis validated, it was time to apply the personalization rules in Sitecore to ensure visitors in the targeted segment were always shown the personalized version of the page.

KinderCare education has seen a significant bottom line increase in conversion and has a proven model for identifying mind-sets for targeting and segmentation. They continue to test personalized content themes to learn more about how content corresponds to mindset, and have a proven data ecosystem to help them efficiently test and execute on personalization programs.


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