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Project Description


  • Digital Strategy
  • Experience Design
  • Platform Consulting
  • Experience Analytics & Optimization


  • 33% increase in online conversion
  • 52%  increase in conversions from organic search
  • 65% decrease in homepage bounce rate
  • 8 figure impact on the bottom line within one year


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KinderCare® Learning Centers are the nation’s leading early childhood education and childcare provider operating more than 1,600 community-based centers across the country. As the largest line of business within KinderCare Education, KinderCare has a digital-led marketing strategy that convinces prospects to take the next steps in becoming enrolled families. Connective DX has engaged with KinderCare in an ongoing multi-year relationship to create and optimize a digital experience platform that both humanizes the brand and bolsters the bottom line.

Digital marketing ecosystem enables smart business decisions

The heart of KinderCare’s digital strategy is a connected platform of marketing technology that enables local content delivery and data-driven decision-making. Connective DX helped extend KinderCare’s existing web content management system and connect it to other business-critical platforms, including CRM, web analytics, content testing, backend systems, and other custom applications. The end result is an integrated platform that delivers local content, tests digital experiences and tracks acquisition channel performance, enabling smart business decisions.

Driving business results by giving families what they want

With more than five million visits per year to KinderCare.com, the digital presence drives a large volume of qualified leads to centers around the country. That deeply personal aspect of the business makes it much more than a simple transaction with a customer.

A major part of the business impact Connective DX has delivered for KinderCare involves our Experience Analytics & Optimization practice which implemented dozens of tests across the digital experience, including landing pages, search, content, and key conversion pathways. Exemplifying user-centered design, we tested the actions of families searching for childcare to determine winning combinations and then rolled them out site-wide.

In addition to having an eight-figure impact on the bottom line in one year, these optimization efforts allowed KinderCare to balance (or even reduce) its investment in paid channels, optimizing the marketing spend.

Designing for emotional impact

As KinderCare exists to support parents and children, the website and landing pages must offer on-brand design with an engaging, emotional impact. To this end, we helped overhaul the KinderCare.com home page, improving the presentation of KinderCare’s brand and increasing online conversion—which ultimately impacted the business by enrolling more families.

The new homepage (pictured at right) engages with emotion-focused imagery and messaging, as well as personalization, which detects the user’s location and automatically locates the KinderCare centers close to them.


Smart content targeting aligns to buyer personas

Utilizing PPC data, analytics, research, and the good old scientific method of hypotheses and testing, we helped KinderCare develop “Searcher Personas” consisting of seven distinct segments. The segments describe where a customer is in the buying cycle, their demographics, and how to identify them when they arrive at KinderCare.com. This insight informed targeted messaging and consistency in the search channels, through to landing pages and the site. The ongoing series of A/B tests have netted big results with an increase in conversion, proving the value of content targeting.

Improving personalization behind the scenes:

The most important feature of KinderCare.com is allowing families to easily find a conveniently located childcare center. By improving the accuracy of the back-end geo-lookup tools, the landing page conversion rate increased by 9%.

Digital partnership drives ongoing innovation and performance

We’re continuing our efforts to drive new programs and digital initiatives for KinderCare in the coming months and years. This includes working with KinderCare to move their website onto a new CMS platform, Sitecore 8, which will enable even more sophisticated personalization and dynamic user experiences.

In addition to website analytics, our ongoing optimization of the KinderCare site incorporates user testing and new voice of customer data. The Connective DX and KinderCare teams are also looking at how digital will engage already-enrolled families, strengthening family retention and increasing lifetime value of the customer.

The thing I like best about working with Connective DX is the ability to work with the entire team and collaborate as if they were a team at my own organization. I feel like there’s a true partnership and together we’re able to create an experience that’s best for our customers.


Director of Marketing, KinderCare Education


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