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Digital strategy isn’t just about designing a better website. It’s about building a better future. Our Digital Experience (DX) Strategy takes a customer-centric approach that sets the stage for meaningful change and real business impact. It unites your organization around a shared vision for creating experiences that people love. And it provides an operating model for executing that vision, with a prioritized roadmap of initiatives that will drive sustainable business success.

  • Grow revenue and reduce costs by focusing on the most valuable customer relationships.
  • Leap ahead of the market by offering new and innovative services.
  • Build customer value and loyalty by creating differentiated digital experiences.
Digital Transformation Takes Courage

Transforming your organization is dependent on seven capabilities. Take our digital capabilities assessment to identify the most important steps on your journey ahead.

Take control of your future with an experience-driven digital strategy

With a digital strategy focused on customer experience and business results, you’ll have a blueprint for digital transformation that your entire organization can get behind. Our AIM Digital Experience Framework® enables you to align around the customer. Imagine new ways to create value with digital. And map the journey toward delivering that value. You’ll come away with insights, tools and a plan that support your unique customer experience and digital goals.

AIM Digital Experience Framework®

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Align your organization and senior leaders around a mission and vision with the customer at the center.


  • Digital strategy vision workshops
  • Customer insights research
  • DX competency assessment
  • Persona & journey map development
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Imagine and describe the ideal future experience, focusing on the most important customers and touchpoints.


  • Experience principles creation
  • Imagination Workshops
  • Future state journey creation
  • Digital experience prototyping


Map digital programs to strategic initiatives and prioritize projects that initiate change, establish new habits, and build momentum.


  • Execution roadmap development
  • Mapping workshops
  • Staffing and operations planning

Connecting your digital strategy to sustainable business success

A digital strategy can create new opportunities to grow customer lifetime value while building your brand reputation and digital capabilities. But to get funding approved for any large-scale digital initiative, you must make a clear business case for the investment.

Our DX Business Case Playbook provides a step-by-step guide for modeling financial impact, with practical scenarios that show how better digital customer experience will increase revenue or reduce expenses.

Download the playbook


7 essential competencies for digital transformation

We’ve all heard the hype around digital transformation. Now discover the seven organizational competencies you need to transform your digital customer experience—and drive sustainable business success.


Transforming for long-term growth

As a financial services organization with out-of-date technology and an aging customer base, Everence was facing an uncertain future. To grow into new markets and remain relevant with young, digital-savvy customers, they needed to transform their entire organization.


DX7 Competency Assessment

How ready is your organization to deliver great digital experiences? Use this workbook with your team to identify strengths, gaps and barriers to success.


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