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Global CMS with Air Products Global architecture & CMS enable massive rollout

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc, is a $10 billion provider of industrial chemicals and gases serving customers around the world in technology, energy, healthcare, and industrial markets. In fact, the company has worked with NASA for 50 years and has supplied the liquid hydrogen used for every Space Shuttle launch and the Mercury and Apollo missions.

After building an initial U.S. site on the Sitecore Experience Platform, Air Products needed to find the right partner to help take their digital channel global. The company chose Connective DX to develop a global architecture and rollout plan to bring 29 country websites into a unified content platform and mobile-friendly, responsive experience. This multi-year project brought together diverse local country stakeholders and integrated Sitecore, Clay Tablet, and SDL technologies.

We managed the entire project, including technology architecture and build, content translation, and language review management, helping to organize Air Products teams globally.

Connective DX was a great partner and an integral part of the project. I’ve been so impressed by everyone in all functions at Connective DX; they rounded out our digital capabilities and seemed a part of our internal team.

Steve Cameron

Manager of Communications, Technologies, and Services

Assessment & implementation roadmap

The engagement began analyzing Air Products’ existing U.S. Sitecore implementation and development of the overall requirements for a global rollout. During this eight-week project, we performed a comprehensive assessment of the existing platform and developed a two-year implementation roadmap for the rollout. The roadmap included separate tracks for the core architecture and development, global content strategy, and localization efforts necessary for a successful global implementation. The audit proved critical in assessing which aspects of the initial technology investment should be leveraged and what needed improvement to support the global requirements.

Global Sitecore architecture

The global rollout included a new Sitecore architecture to centralize the 29 local country websites translated across 22 languages. This included building upon the existing U.S. site architecture and extending it to support the global content strategy. It also included a mobile-friendly, responsive framework that could scale across all of the global sites.

The site architecture features a highly flexible product catalog, which can dynamically pull in related content, events and people. Key sections of the site were expanded to include a resource center, which organizes valuable content such as whitepapers and events into a single view. 

Air Products country map

Content strategy & country site rollout

Connective DX led the global content strategy and country site rollout strategy, coordinating efforts between the Air Products central communications team and in-country content and marking teams. This included documenting complex content mapping, overseeing content review activities, and creating migration schedules and visual dashboards to communicate with key project stakeholders. At critical points in the process, the Connective DX Content team collaborated with Air Products’ internal content teams to accelerate content review and quality assurance testing.

Streamlining the translation process with Clay Tablet & Sitecore

The project included integrating Clay Tablet’s translation management software into Sitecore to help Air Products remove tedious manual export processes and scale the translation process across the 22 languages. Because this was one of the largest Sitecore and Clay Tablet integrations done to date, our development team worked closely with Clay Tablet to meet Air Products’ unique requirements.

Thousands of pages of content needed to be exported as well as broken down so that the information could be translated and reviewed for accuracy. “One of the highlights of this initiative for me was working with Connective DX to develop the export process, which was pretty complex,” says Cameron. “We figured a way with our organizational structure and Connective’s technological expertise to export and get information into the right hands for review.”

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Ongoing digital marketing strategy & optimization

The global launch was a huge success, and content downloads have increased 266 percent. The Connective DX Experience Analytics & Optimization team is now helping Air Products test and optimize the global site and develop a digital marketing strategy that will help key business units and divisions leverage the power of the new platform.

This builds upon functionality offered by the Sitecore platform, including personalization and automation as well as onsite analytics, extending into search engine marketing and other digital marketing channels.

“This is a significant milestone in our digital development and a wonderful example of dedication, commitment, and knowledge of both our team and our trusted partner, Connective DX. We look forward to the next stage of the journey.” — John Dodds, Air Products Global Brand and Marketing Communications Director

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