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utilities providers Optimize your self-service offerings


Utilities are judged by their performance on customer satisfaction. Optimizing the self-service experience is the fastest, most effective way for utilities to see tangible returns. Connective DX has a proven approach with our Self-service Jumpstart Program for Utilities.

Getting customers to sign up and manage their self-serve options not only gives them more control over the services they receive from their utilities providers, it creates cost savings for those providers. But we know that's easier said than done. We know this because we work with a number of energy providers across the U.S. and know the self-service experience is a frequent pain point.

Our Point of View

Hear directly from the team how we address the different aspects of the self-service experience, to the role of content, to our design philosophy.


Portland General Electric

No other customer experience program can offer a more immediate return on investment.

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