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NEWS Analyst brief highlights digital CX innovation lessons from Delight 2015

Speakers at Delight 2015 advocate designing for calm technology, building empathy, and getting serious about culture transformation.

Experience designers spend their days working to create compelling customer experiences, but there’s a growing awareness that technology complexity and organizational roadblocks are putting those efforts at risk.

That is one of the key takeaways in a new research brief, The Things That CX Designers Worry About, published by Forrester Research January 11, 2016, and authored by Andrew Hogan.

The brief highlights observations from Delight 2015, the annual experience design conference held in Portland, Ore., and organized by Connective DX. The 2015 event, focused on how organizations create experiences people love, featured speakers from Fidelity, Zappos, Airbnb, Intuit, and NASA JPL.

Several key themes emerged at the event, and two worrying trends were included in the Forrester Research brief:

  • “Interruptive” technology—such as connected devices constantly alerting users to irrelevant information—detract from emotionally engaging customer experiences.  
  • Excessive focus on screens and unnecessary interfaces keep customers from doing what they want to do.

Speakers at Delight shared stories about how these trends are further exacerbated by bureaucratic and cultural barriers that can get in the way of delivering experiences that actually earn a customer’s love.

“Rudderless digital customer experience innovations will lead to frustrated customers, disenchanted employees, and failed projects,” writes Andrew Hogan, Forrester Research analyst serving customer experience professionals. He also writes, “You don’t have to let digital CX innovation work this way.”

A hallmark of the Delight Conference is bringing together speakers and attendees who want to talk about the real work necessary to make change happen. “Customer experience and innovation are words that get a lot of lip service within most organizations, but much fewer actually commit to the hard work necessary to pull it off,” said Jeff Cram, conference organizer and Connective DX co-founder. “We work hard to create a forum for those stories to be told, and for attendees to learn from one another.”

Read the press release to learn more or visit the Delight 2016 conference website for more information and to register for the event.

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