CHIFOO Event: Two Years Later: How Voice User Interfaces Have Changed How I Live
Connective DX
2030 NW Pettygrove Street
Portland, OR

CHIFOO presents: Two Years Later, How Voice User Interfaces Have Changed The Way That I Live with Bruce Elgort!

I’ll admit it, I was dismissive of consumer digital voice assistants when they first arrived on the scene.

Over time I have slowly been integrating them into my home and work lives only to help feed my current addiction. Not only do they provide amazing alternative interface experiences out of the box, but they also allow me the consummate “script kitty” to push them to do more. They also provide some pretty incredible accessibility features that you will learn about.

An hour doesn’t go by when my family and I aren’t dependent on these magical devices. Two years into this adventure of augmenting our household and my work life I have an amazing story to share with you.

“Alexa set a reminder to speak at CHIFOO on June 5th”.