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Portland, OR : Speaking Portland Internet of Things

Portland Internet of Things Meetup
Centrl Office
1355 NW Everett Street
Portland, OR

Digital disruption: from the drawing board to the board room
Presented by Connective DX in partnership with the Portland Internet of Things Meetup

Technology has begun to inhabit a much deeper and more personal place in people's lives today. This has not only changed the way companies approach user interface and interaction design, but also the way they innovate, align the corporate strategy, and get products and services to market. Join us for a lively conversation with a panel of emerging technology leaders who are disrupting their marketplaces and leading their organizations into the future. Led by Tom Bennett, Connective DX Experience Strategist, we’ll discuss how companies are finding new ways to work and connect with partners to knit new technologies into the fabric of people’s lives.

Join us to explore:

  • How large organizations can think and work more like a startup while maintaining enterprise rigor
  • How specific technology and trends get translated into consumer products and experiences
  • How emerging technology products are different from other kinds of digital projects
  • How partners can collaborate across teams to connect different modes of design/digital thinking
  • What kind of organizational development is needed to rapidly deliver new products and the connected experiences that exceed customers’ expectations

Panelists include:

  • Doug Warner: VP of Global Innovation and New Business Incubation, HP (co-creator of the Michael Bastian Chronowing watch)
  • Mohan Nahir: Chief Innovation Officer, Cambia Healthcare

The panel will be moderated by Tom Bennett, Experience Strategist at Connective DX.