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Portland, OR : Speaking Confab Intensive

Confab Intensive
Portland, OR

Ready to step up your content strategy game? Confab Intensive delivers three days of hands-on workshops on topics spanning UX, CMS, editorial, workflow, and governance. There’s no other conference that offers this depth and breadth of content strategy material, including a workshop with Connective DX Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Jeff Cram on “CMS selection: Getting beyond the bells and whistles to what really matters.”

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It’s easy to hate on technology, but that’s only part of the story when it comes to CMS selection. We pay lip service to putting the right people and processes around a CMS platform project, but organizations ultimately vote with how they allocate resources. In budgets for CMS projects, technology almost always gets the lion’s share of the upfront investment. When is the last time you saw a $500,000 line item for a content strategy rollout?

With all of that said, you still do need to select a CMS—and that decision matters to your business, your content teams, and your customers. There is no perfect CMS, but there are platforms that are a better fit for your organization than others. It’s time to prioritize the right elements for success so you can make an informed decision. Your content authors are never going to love a new content management system overnight, but choosing wisely means a better overall experience for both authors and customers alike.

In Jeff's workshop you'll learn:

  • How to shift your organization from thinking about CMS selection to thinking about CMS readiness
  • What the seven fit factors to consider are in selecting a CMS
  • How the expanding marketing technology landscape changes the role of a CMS platform
  • How to think about content requirements—the types, the volume, the creators, and the approvers involved
  • How to manage organizational change once you make your selection