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Portland, OR: Attending PDX Digital PM Meetup

PDX Digital PM
514 NW 11th Ave
Suite 203
Portland, OR

PDX Digital PM is Portland's monthly meetup for Digital PMs and producers. Account types, strategists, and anyone else interested in the Digital space are welcome as well!

This month we get a bit meta with our subject:

The Digital PM Career

There's something for everyone this month, with breakout sessions focused on three main topics:

  • Improving PM Tenure and Solving Turnover (great for leaders of teams and experienced PMs looking for stability, or those who simply want a great working environment)
  • Exploring Digital PM Career Paths (useful for those interested in better understanding where Digital PM can take them and potential ways to get there)
  • Getting Started in Digital PM (perfect for those who want to break into the industry or those who are new and want to put themselves on a trajectory to improve and advance) 

Unlike previous months, while you'll have the option to sit in on multiple group topics, we won't force you to rotate, so have the option of a more immersive conversation about a single topic.


Portland's digital project management and production community is underserved when it comes to sharing knowledge and raising the status of the role industry-wide. Project management for the web is still in its infancy, piecing together elements of agency production, software project management, and digital strategy in a diverse role that requires a great degree of smarts and skill. Let's get together to share our stories and experiences in an effort to all be better project managers.

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