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  • January 23 - ET
    Online : Speaking

    Webinar: Hospital Digital Experience Index

    The latest Hospital Digital Experience Index (HDX-15) is out — and it’s chock-full of actionable insights based on detailed benchmarking and analytics. 


    Get an expert tour of the best digital work happening among leading organizations like Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and others.

    Dave Wieneke, healthcare practice director at Connective DX and lead developer of the HDX-15 methodology, will highlight the emerging trends and best practices observed across these 15 top websites.


    Dave will be joined by special guest Aaron Watkins, senior director of internet strategy and digital content marketing at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

    You’ll Learn:

    • Discover 6 big changes healthcare marketers should know about from the 15 top-ranked hospitals in America.
    • How to better connect with and serve your community by reflecting and representing diversity on your website  
    • Why this may the the year of the phone, and how you can use digital to support it 
    • Where most of your website traffic may be coming from 
    • How you can respect the patient journey and personalize the digital experience 

    Join us on January 23 and get insights from top healthcare organizations that will help you enhance the digital experience for your website visitors.

  • February 20 - PT
    Online : Speaking

    Webinar: Inspiring Content Strategy for Energy Utilities

    Get inspiration on ways you can use Content Strategy to increase your ranking on the JD Power Electric Utility Customer Satisfaction Study. The top 16 US Utilities in the JD Power study are the benchmark for the Utility Digital Experience Index, which evaluates websites of energy companies, analyzing for Clarity, Functionality, Impact and Use Cases. In this webinar, we’ll explore Content Strategy methods for prioritizing information, clarifying messages, and improving task completion specific to utilities. Come to uncover activities and changes you could incorporate on your site as the first step to an improved JD Power Ranking. Join us on February 20 as Derek Phillips shares his experience and insights on content strategy as it relates to the Utility Industry.

  • March 13 - March 15
    Hollywood, California : Attending

    WEI Customer & Corporate Symposium

    Join over 250 energy professionals to discuss the latest industry trends and best practices in corporate and customer services. The diverse mix of presentations, Q&A panels, roundtable discussions and networking allow attendees to share their experiences and develop contacts throughout the industry. Expect to gain applicable insights on a variety of topics including customer experience; human resources; emerging technology, products and services; community engagement, data and cybersecurity. This program is an excellent professional development and organizational team-building opportunity. Vendors encouraged to display.