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  • October 27 - PT
    Portland, OR : Speaking

    Portland Data Science Group Meetup

    This October Lars von Sneidern of Connective DX is presenting, The Foibles of Organizational Data Management, at the Portland Data Science Group meetup. Real-world business data systems are often a mess. With customer and other data spread across multiple silos and complex technology stacks, it can be very difficult to get a complete picture of how data can fulfill the needs an organization has. With different teams (IT, marketing, executives, etc.) having divergent needs, it can get even messier. At this meeting attendees are going to talk about some of the foibles faced by organizations, and ways to overcome them.

  • November 2 - PT
    Portland, OR : Hosting

    CHIFOO : Bounded Irrationality in Everyday Moments

    Join us for the November CHIFOO meeting, Bounded Irrationality in Everyday Moments, featuring guest speaker Michelle Kittrell, researcher at American Family Insurance. Everyone deals with bounded irrationality in everyday moments. It’s so common that we may not realize it. When it happens we may shrug our shoulders and blame it on a deficiency in others or ourselves; we may label it “user error”. However, if we look closely at those interactions that frustrate us the most we can clearly see bounded irrationality at play, disrupting our ‘expected’ path of outcomes. This talk will cover how the dynamic of neuroscience, culture, and personal preferences create “unique” rational experiences. If the consumer experience is moving into the realm of micro-moments, then we all need to beef up on our interpersonal communication skills.

  • November 7 - November 9
    Las Vegas, NV : Speaking

    Healthcare Internet Conference: Where Digital Insight & Execution Converge

    Today’s healthcare leaders are finding themselves facing the unbridled growth of web-based operations, interactivity, functionality and innovation. This complex and challenging—yet exhilarating—time is helping to shape the future of healthcare. The annual Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC) is the largest event of its kind that provides an opportunity to analyze “best practices” on a range of issues and brings together healthcare leaders from a variety of disciplines to collaborate and learn.

  • November 15 - CT
    Online : Speaking

    Webinar: Assessing & Learning from Patient Experience on 15 Leading Systems’ Websites

    The Hospital Digital Experience (HDX) Index is a quantitative method for evaluating the effectiveness of a hospital’s websites and overall digital experiences. It takes an outside-in view of healthcare focused on the most visible and important elements of the patient experience. It gathers 40 data points based on structured evaluation, automated tests, and evidence of in-market performance, and provides a factual benchmark to identify excellent digital experiences. 

  • November 29 - December 1
    Boston, MA : Attending

    Gilbane Digital Content Conference

    Connective DX team members will be attending the Gilbane Digital Content Conference in Boston, MA on November 29 - 30. The Gilbane Digital Content Conference is an educational and networking event focused on applying content technologies, such as web content management, digital marketing, enterprise search, enterprise social, language technologies, and publishing technologies for engaging with customers, employees, and partners, and improving their digital experience.