About Colin O'Neill

As VP of Experience Design, Colin embodies the meaning of connected experience and expertise, bringing multiple disciplines together at the intersection of design, technology and business. Colin is inspired by the chance to help clients bring a customer-informed perspective deep into the systems and stories that define their business—and, ultimately, to deliver delightful digital experiences. “Delight is a spark of humanity that survives the process of building complex, interconnected products,” he says. A native of Dublin, Ireland, Colin’s career spans nearly two decades as a digital strategist, designer and creative director, working for B2B and B2C clients such as IBM, Kodak, Charles Schwab, LinkedIn, and Adobe. His favorite thing about working at Connective DX is helping talented people apply their skills in more meaningful ways. Outside the office Colin likes hiking or snowboarding in the mountains and playing drums, although he confesses to being a “terrible, terrible drummer.”

Connection is everything

Posted on: April 4, 2015 In Strategy David Foster Wallace told a story that went something like this: Two young fish were swimming along one morning. They passed by an older fish. “Morning boys! How’s the water?” asked the old fish. The two young fish swam on. A moment later

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