Michelle is exactly the sort of person you’d want heading Client Services—insightful, thorough and well-versed in the various facets of digital. Over her 15 years of agency experience, she's mastered the art of finding the sweet spot between clients’ needs and the agency’s desire to do great work. Michelle might attribute her success to a genuine love of showing companies how embracing their customers can change their game, but we attribute it to her definition of delight: “Having your needs met without having to verbalize what they are.” (This might also explain why she considers mind reading to be her superpower.) Her knack for reading between the lines means she uncovers and articulates needs clients may not yet be aware of.

Michelle’s own pursuit of delight includes entertaining, baking and crafting with her kids (whose tiny drawings she carries in her purse at all times, along with wintergreen Altoids and red lipstick, of course). Apropos of nothing (but interesting!), she also once waited on John Cougar Mellencamp at a pizzeria in Indiana—an experience we like to think she draws on daily in her work. We’re still holding out hope that the phrase “hurts so good” will someday make its way into a digital experience brief.