As COO, Kevin oversees the agency’s success and profitability, helps set the strategic direction for the agency, heads up operations and delivery, manages forecasting and contracts, and essentially keeps things running smoothly and both staff and clients happy day to day. (Amazingly, he does this all fueled by little more than Honey Nut Cheerios and coffee.) The combination of his degree in chemical engineering, his prior experience in tech product management and marketing at Digital River and Phoenix Technologies, and a gift for problem-solving (rumor is he once solved the Rubik's cube in under 30 seconds) places him solidly in the “analytical and organized enough to successfully manage just about anything” category, a description he’s proved fitting time and again over his 12 years with Connective DX.

In his spare time, Kevin enjoys riding thousands of miles on a “lusty red Co-Motion Nor’Wester steel-frame bike” named Precious, playing Dungeons and Dragons with his wife and two sons, and obsessively watching any and all University of Washington athletics (despite having never attended school there).