Andrew McLaughlin2019-09-13T17:25:57-07:00

Andrew’s formal job description says things like “creates and evangelizes tools, frameworks and best practices used to plan, develop and improve digital experiences,” and “develops training, education and staffing partnerships and services.” And although that’s all accurate, it’s a bit…wordy. Andrew’s summation? “I partner with our clients to help them effectively own their digital future.” This “no bull” style is the secret to Andrew’s 20 years of success in the industry: no smoke and mirrors, just careful listening, thoughtful inquiry, a natural gift for governance, and a sincere desire to help companies like OHSU, Nike, Esri and more become digitally self-sufficient. He’s also responsible for spearheading many internal processes and frameworks, as well as packaging our consulting, recruitment and training services.

Andrew lives outside Portland with his wife and son, where he tackles DIY home improvement and brews beer, like all good native Oregonians. He even built a small pub on his creekside property for friends and family to enjoy his home brews straight from the tap. His specialty? Bourbon Porter, though he favors his Imperial Red. We gladly drink whatever he’s willing to share.